Thursday, September 3, 2009


Our marathon training group has a beer sponsor this year - how cool is that? The Independence Brewing Company is an Austin-based brewery producing a range of fine local beers. After our group run last Saturday morning, they had some beers lined up for us to sample. It ended up as a bit of a party - all us coaches were lined up at "the bar", sampling beers and having a great time.

And no, Before you say it, that's not the reason for my mental funk in the 60k later that night.

Anyway, my favorite brew was a brown ale called "Bootlegger". It has a distinctive chocolatey taste that really hit the spot. I bought a 6-pack at the grocery store today, and am looking forward to having some with supper.

So if you're an Austin or San Antonio native, you may want to check these guys out "because life's too short to drink boring beer". They also have a brewery tour and sampling on the first Saturday of every month - rock on guys!!!

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