Friday, September 25, 2009

Defending the Trophy

This is a picture from last year when my team - the "Austin Tea Party" - won the Governor's Cup at the Silicon labs marathon relays (the trophy held just the right amount of Dos Equis beer too). Well this Sunday we get to defend our title. Our team is still the same transatlantic combination of two Brits and three Texans, there's just little one problem - our team name seems to have been "appropriated" by a Republican protest group. So if we get "liberally" heckled on Sunday that's why :-)

And as I resigned from the wellness committee earlier this month, this is the last work-related event I'm organizing. But where I really didn't enjoy the "too much talk and not enough action" reality of committee life, I'm much better at this kind of thing. Last year I only had two teams to worry about, but this year I'm juggling seven!!! It's been fun scrambling to solve logistical problems, last minute dropouts, and jumping into rabbit holes to pull runners out of hats (while threatening to boil in hot oil anyone who dares to drop out on me now). I'm happy to say that all our teams are fully manned (and womanned) and hopefully everyone will show up.

Last year the Tea Party all ran well around 7:15 pace, but I'm wondering if we'll manage it this year - our speed demon (the other Brit on our team) is running 22 miles tomorrow (hoping to BQ at San Antonio) and I have 23 to 26 planned. I also suspect I've lost a yard of pace since last year. Oh well, I'll do my best not to let anyone down. And whatever happens we'll have a good time.

I'd better break the ice bath out tomorrow.

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