Monday, February 1, 2010

Old Bangers and Cranky Noodles

Have you ever had an old car that you kept beating on year after year? It has some strange noises which you can never locate because they seem to keep moving, and eventually bits start falling off yet somehow it still keeps going. That's kinda what I felt like when I woke up this morning and felt a few twinges from my other foot. WTF???? When did that happen?

A classic danger of running while carrying an injury is that you automatically compensate for it and end up with other injuries as a result, which is what seems to be threatning to happen. Luckily it's just a twinge right now so I'll be really nice to it this week and it will doubtless become ashamed of its errant behavior and modify itself accordingly.

So let's move onto something other than running. Tonight I had a great time teaching Gavin how to make noodles. We measured and mixed the dough together, then I fed it into the machine while he handcranked. We put it through the rollers and then the cutters and made spaghetti noodles. He did a super job and was really proud of himself.

We had "Gavin's noodles" with some lean ground turkey and marinara sauce - it was delicious!!!


Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Derek said...

I'm pretty sure we can make both your feet hurt this weekend. Looking forward to the fun!

Cindy said...

Hi from Washington. Ran into your blog...I'm inspired to try home made noodles.

Mark said...

Hey Cindy. You should definitely try homemade noodles - they're super easy to make and super delicious.