Friday, February 12, 2010

On the Road Again

Hooray for a pain-free run. I did 10 miles this morning at a nice easy 8:30 pace with not a hint of complaint from the erstwhile naughty foot (though for some odd reason I mashed my middle toe to a bloody pulp). And since I didn't get to pace last weekend, that also gave me my first miles for February. Huge thanks to Caroline for getting me out to run this morning, and to David - it's been too long since we ran together. And neither of them complained (too much) when I missed a turn (too busy talking) and inadvertently turned our 7 miler into a 10 miler. I know Alan will get a kick out of that!!!

And I certainly wasn't complaining because I was just enjoying the run - my legs felt light, the pace was easy, the weather was great (cold with no wind) and it was just nice to be back out there. I'm going to shoot for 20+ tomorrow - we'll see how that goes.

And there's some milestones on the baby Dylan front too. Earlier this week he discovered crawling. I could tell he's been thinking about it for a while, but it's as if a light suddenly went off in his head and he just took off and shot across the room. He had a worryingly triumphant grin on his face - a "shackles are off" kind of grin.

Then a few nights ago he found his feet. I was working on the computer, and when I looked around he was standing up in his crib laughing at me. So proud of himself. He has since progressed to walking laps around the crib (while holding on to the bars) and doing the same around the coffee table.

Last night Gavin and I were doing "silly dances", and Dylan stood up and started stamping his foot in time to the music - it was hilarious.

Then he got the idea to climb out of the crib, and he wasn't far off. I think it's time to start lowering the mattress.


Tanner said...

You're gonna run out of people to pull that on one of these days. Welsh math: "Quick 10" = half marathon and an hour = 90 minutes.

Mark said...

Yet you keep coming back for more!!!

Btw, nice run on the half today Mr Tanner.