Friday, February 5, 2010

The Long Wait

I'm waiting in line outside Austin ISD to request a student transfer for Gavin. I have 24 hours to wait here (the window opens at 7am tomorrow morning) and I'm 28th in line (and 8th for the school we want), so I think I have a great chance of getting him in. As an added bonus I can get a wireless connection - God bless netbooks!!!

I'm so glad I didn't wait until later today to come out here because I think I'd have been out of luck. It's a little cold here but not as cold and rainy as it has been. I have a plentiful supply of books, my ipod, my netbook and some sandwiches and snacks so I'm all set. I've met some fun people in line - just as well as we're going to be here all day and night.

Not the best preparation to pace an ultramarathon, but there ya go. At least I have Monday off work to recover.


Ashlee Wetherington said...

oh my gosh... you're a dedicated parents! the longest i've ever waited for anything was tickets to a Hansen concert when I was 13... it was 5 hours, and it was hell. good luck!

Derek said...

I think you will be more tired than me by Saturday night. Enjoy your day and hope you get the school y'all want.