Friday, February 5, 2010

Update from the Line

Well it's now 2pm which means I've been in line here for 7 hours. Only another 17 to go!!! Other than the fact that it's freaking cold, things are going pretty well. We're lined up snaking around a parking garage (and there are now plenty of folks lined up behind me), and it's a bit of a wind tunnel. Nancy just called me from her nice warm office (though she only gloated a little bit), and she's going to swing by later with a thermos of coffee, some gloves and an extra coat to see me through the night.

This morning the place was swarming with reporters and cameramen from the local tv stations. It was weird and not altogether pleasant sitting here being filmed (though the KEYE babe can come back as often as she likes - hubba hubba). Fortunately, there's a really outgoing guy just in front of me who's erected a tent, and all the tv stations instantly honed in on him, which kept the rest of us in relative anonymity.

I'm going to stop blogging and defrost my hands again!!!

Update: didn't hide quite as well as I might have hoped - just got interviewed by one of the tv stations. Knew I should have shaved this morning :-)

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