Saturday, February 20, 2010

Planning Races

My race schedule is looking a little bare, so it's time to start planning my adventures. Last year I ran 14 races of marathon distance and beyond (plus two half marathons). While I'm probably not going to run anywhere near as many this year, this is what I have planned so far (and I'm sure others will be added along the way).

March 2010Little Rock marathon, Arkansas
July 2010El Scorcho 50k, Fort Worth
October 2010Frankenthon marathon, Brushy Creek
October 2010Cactus Rose 100 miles, Bandera
January 2011Bandera 100k, Bandera
February 2011Rocky Raccoon 100 miles, Huntsville

My goal races are the last three - Cactus, Bandera and Rocky - and I want to smash my best times in all three. If I complete them I will get a nice chunk of granite in the shape of Texas for completing the Tejas Trails 300 series. A year ago I completed the Texas Trilogy, and that was a big motivator to keep hammering it at Rocky.

I'm hoping this will have the same effect.


Derek said...

Nice plan, I'll see you at 2 of the races for sure and maybe a third one too. Good luck.

Ryan V. said...

Glad to see you'll be joining us for the Scorcher again. Sign up early. We anticipate another sellout.

DavidH said...

I dig the schedule and hope to see ya at a couple of them.

johnt said...

Yea, that granite is nice man! Thanks to you, I have one! I got it sitting on my desk at work, its huge. Folks are like, "Where did you get that?" I'm like, "Well you can get one too if you run 262 miles." They decide that maybe, just maybe, its not that cool.