Friday, December 10, 2010

What the Dickens

I took Gavin to gymnastics a few nights ago. As we were walking out, one of the other kids in his class was having a major meltdown over candy from the vending machine. Gavin rolled his eyes at me and we continued out to the car.

As I was strapping him in I said "well that was a whiney little boy, I'm glad you don't do that". Gavin looked at me and said "daddy, he is wearing the chains he forged in life".

Trying not to laugh I asked "are you quoting Dickens at me"?

Without missing a beat he replied "I am but a shadow of things that once were. That I say what I say do not blame me".

Oh Good God.

For the whole of the trip home he was "Gavin Marley", berating "Daddy Scrooge" for his wicked ways.

"Your chains were as long as mine five Christmases ago daddy" he said sternly (amidst much ghostly wailing).

By the time we got home I was ready to repent.

I don't know what I was repenting for, but I was ready to repent.

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