Friday, December 10, 2010

The Road to Rocky (week 2 of 10)

What a week. I started it off by smashing my marathon PR and qualifying for Boston at the White Rock marathon. After that, I realized how much emotion and mental energy I'd used up during the race, and decided to take it easy for the rest of the week to recharge my batteries.  I skipped most of my runs, and only did a few yoga and weights workouts.

And I do feel mentally refreshed.  I did 8 miles with Clea this morning and felt great.

So this coming week it's back down to work and time to refocus on the Rocky Raccoon 100.  I have the Decker half marathon on Sunday which is known for its big hills, and I'd like to make it a big effort run.

We'll see how that goes.

DateSaturday December 11th
Planam - 12 miles
pm - Bicycle trainer (30 minutes)
Outcome6am - 50F and humid.  Did 8 rather than 12 to save myself for tomorrow's race, so I decided to make it an effort run over the Scenic hills.  Just managed to squeak under an hour (59:48) at a 7:28 pace

pm - don't think I will ever grow to love the bike trainer

DateSunday December 12th
Planam - Decker half marathon
pm - Yoga
Outcome8am - 45F and windy.  Set a new half marathon PR over the hills of Decker this morning in 1:32:45 (7:05 pace). If you'd told me a month ago I would come within a whisker of running a sub-7 Decker, I would have thought you were insane.

pm - felt like I was coming down with a little cold.  Sat on the sofa and sneezed while Nancy rode the bike.

 DateMonday December 13th
Planam - Nothing
pm - Yoga
Outcomepm - did a great hour of yoga and feel very loose and relaxed

DateTuesday December 14th
Planam - 10 miles
pm - Bob strength workout (1 hour)
Outcome4:30am - 39F, clear and still. Did my 10 miles in 1:15:26 (7:32 pace).  Felt lethargic and had no desire to push the pace.  But hey, if I can do an "easy run" at 7:32 pace, that's more than ok.  Need to figure out what I want to be aiming for on these runs now that the marathon is out of the way.

pm - busy family evening, but managed to squeeze in 30 minutes of strength training

DateWednesday December 15th
Planam - 8 miles
pm - Bicycle trainer (30 minutes)
Outcomeam - bad me, slept through the alarm!!!

pm - 30 minutes of slog in the big gear, now off to the airport to pick up my parents

DateThursday December 16th
Planam - Nothing
pm - Bob workout 2 (30 minutes)
Outcomepm - good hard workout.  Needed that.

DateFriday December 17th
Planam - 7 miles (optional)
pm - Nothing
Outcome4:30am - 42F and breezy.  Lucky to get out of the house this morning - couldn't find my water bottle, gloves, anything.  Glad my head is screwed on or I would have lost that too!!!  Ended up running a nice 8 miles with Clea.  I like these Friday runs because we aren't slaves to our Garmins.  We just chat away, and are always surprised that we've covered 7 or 8 miles.

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