Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Standing Room Only

If I told you that somebody broke into my SUV and stole the seats, you'd probably be waiting for the punchline, right? But unfortunately there isn't one - as bizarre as it sounds, that apparently is just what happened. Some time between Thursday and last night somebody broke into my Yukon and removed the third row of seats.

Nothing else was taken, and at least we had very "house proud" thieves - Gavin's booster seat was laid neatly on the second row, the camping chair arranged to one side, our compressor left in plain sight, radio, cds all still there.

Just missing a row of bench seats.

I even checked the garage, thinking I must have taken them out and forgotten I'd done it. And in a really bizarre moment I actually climbed into the back of the Yukon and felt around just to make sure they hadn't just become invisible, or were "hiding" somewhere.

But no, they're definitely gone.

There's no point in getting mad, I mean there's nothing I can do about it. At least it will be a good story to tell in years to come.

And I must admit I did crack a bemused smile. I mean, who the f**k breaks into a vehicle to steal the seats??!!!!!

And I thought British car thieves were bad!!!

Of course, the main reason we bought the Yukon was for the third row of seats, because with my parents here we now can't all go anywhere together without using two vehicles. Luckily a good friend of mine owns a Suburban and has offered to loan me his third row while we figure out replacements.

It's a suitably strange end to a strange year.

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