Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Smoking and Festive Humbugs

I ran 81 miles this week - my best weekly haul of the year. I think it officially qualifies me to overindulge in Christmas goodies without any guilt whatsoever.

This morning I reached that figure thanks to a fun early morning 17 miler with Clea.  Unfortunately, as I was driving to her house I turned on the radio and was ambushed by a cornucopia of truly awful Christmas music.

Don't get me wrong, I love most Christmas music (I have a special setting on my jukebox for it), but there are some examples of the genre that are so horrifyingly bad they should be featured on American Idol.

And every song that played was either rampant commercialism (I sincerely hope Santa does not "hurry down your chimney tonight", and I'm sorry but why exactly do you want a hippo for Christmas) or so depressingly morose they fell under the umbrella I've labeled "Christmas wrist-slashers".

I hate to sound like Scrooge, but humbug!!!!

A good run always lifts the spirits though, and I spent a large part of the rest of the day cooking. I made some Mocha Buche de Noel this afternoon and took the turkey out of my brine solution to air dry in the fridge overnight.

I have some honey wheat dinner rolls rising on the counter, pierogi dough waiting to be rolled, filled (thank goodness for my pasta crank - makes fast work of flattening those suckers), boiled and sauteed, and I will prepare some coffeecake before bed to be baked up first thing in the morning.

And tomorrow I'm going to take a big chance and smoke the turkey on my beloved Weber Smokey Mountain.  If it comes out half as good as the turkeys on that site, I will be a happy bunny.

If it doesn't, I'll be in trouble.

Tonight we will all sit down to watch the traditional screening of the Muppet's Christmas Carol and try to ignore my father-in-law's complaints.

It may even get cold enough to light a fire.

Merry Christmas.  And God bless us, every one!!!

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