Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Road to Rocky (week 4 of 10)

Very pleased with the 81 miles I managed last week, and had a very enjoyable Christmas.  But a house full of guests and Dylan's new habit of keeping me up all night is playing havoc on my workout schedule.  I don't know if he's teething, or has an ear infection, but I'm hoping it will pass.  A full night of sleep would be wonderful right now.

DateSaturday December 25th - Christmas Day
PlanNothing.  Enjoy Christmas day with the family
OutcomeMerry Christmas - spent a good few hours in the freezing cold shooting hoops and chasing balls with Gavin.  Does that count as a workout?

DateSunday December 26th
Planam - 8 miles
pm - Yoga
Outcome6am - 33F.  After 2 nights in a row of being up all night with Dylan, I drove out to Bull Creek and just sat in the car with absolutely no desire to get out and go run.  After I caught myself nodding off, I decided to knock it on the head, drove home, fell into bed and slept the sleep of the dead for 3 hours.  Felt a little better after that.

pm - did a good hour of yoga.

 DateMonday December 27th
Planam - Nothing
pm - Strength workout (30 minutes)
OutcomeAh, a good night's sleep did me the world of good and I extended tonight's strength workout to a full hour

DateTuesday December 28th
Planam - 10 miles
pm - Cardio workout (1 hour)
Outcome4:30am - 48F and still, great running weather.  Another good night's sleep and a fantastic run this morning.  Did 10 miles in 1:14:47 (7:28 pace)

pm - did 30 minutes of kettlebell swings and squats

DateWednesday December 29th
Planam - 8 miles (easy)
pm - Bicycle trainer (30 minutes)
Outcomeam - Dylan woke up around midnight, and from then until around 5am he was either screaming his head off or wanting to play.  Needless to say, I didn't make this morning's run!!!

pm - nope.  Fell asleep on the sofa

DateThursday December 30th
Planam - Nothing
pm - Bob workout 1 (30 minutes)
OutcomeNo - family stuff came up

DateFriday December 31st - New Year's Eve
Planam - 8 miles
pm - Nothing
Outcome4:30am - 65F and humid.  Did 15 miles with Clea, thus bagging my 1500 miles for the year

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