Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Road to Rocky (week 1 of 10)

Yes, I know. I haven't even run White Rock yet.  So why am I posting week one of my Rocky Raccoon training schedule? Well, the fact is that my White Rock plan transitions smoothly into the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler. And I was surprised to see there's only 10 weeks before the race.  And I've already planned out all of December.

So there!!!

I'm off to pig out on pancakes before the drive to Dallas.

DateSaturday December 4th
Planam - Sleep in for once
pm - Drive to Dallas
Outcomeam - enjoyed a lovely lie in with the Gavster.  Thanks to Nancy for getting up with early riser Dylan!!!

pm - ready for tomorrow's race

DateSunday December 5th
Planam - White Rock marathon
pm - Yoga
Outcomeam - had a great race.  Took 22 minutes off my PR and qualified for Boston.  3:12:46 (7:21 pace)

pm - skipped yoga in celebration.  Going to lie down with the Gavster instead.

 DateMonday December 6th
Planam - Nothing
pm - Yoga
OutcomeHad a great yoga session that left me feeling nicely stretched and relaxed

DateTuesday December 7th
Planam - 8 miles
pm - Bob workout 2 (30 minutes)
Outcomeam - yeah, I slacked off. Cuddled up with my 16 month old instead

pm - made up for it tonight.  My arms feel like rubber right now.

DateWednesday December 8th
Planam - 6 miles
pm - Bicycle trainer (30 minutes)
Outcomeam - it's just not happening for me this week.  Dylan was up screaming the house down most of the night, and we were still trying to get him to go down when my alarm would have been going off this morning.  Maybe I should just count this week as the post-marathon break and start afresh next week

pm - spent every minute of the 30 I was on the bike trainer wondering how in hell I managed to stay on here for 90 minutes the other week

DateThursday December 9th
Planam - Nothing
pm - Bob workout 1 (30 minutes)
Outcomepm - another workout missed (I was stuffed full of yummy homemade pizza).  I'm calling this my break week.

DateFriday December 10th
Planam - 7 miles (optional)
pm - Nothing
Outcome4:30am - 45F, foggy and chilly.  Did 8 miles with Clea.  We kept a nice steady pace and finished in 1:07:40 (8:27 average).

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