Saturday, November 27, 2010

The White Rock Diaries (week 5 of 5)

Well we're into the last week of the White Rock countdown. Last week was a bit of a pullback week for me, and this week should be another taper down to my goal race next Sunday.

Things have gone really well, and I'm hoping for a good race in Dallas.

DateSaturday November 27th
Planam - 12 miles
pm - Plyometrics (1 hour)
Outcome6:30am - 25F, cold and still.  Magnificent running weather.  Really should have taken it easy, but when conditions are like this I just have to go for it.  Ran 12 miles in 1:23:58 (6:59 pace) - the first time I've ever finished a run averaging under 7 minute mile (albeit by 2 seconds).

pm - didn't make this one. Family time took precedence.

DateSunday November 28th
Planam - 8 miles
pm - Yoga
Outcome6:00am - 42F.  Did a nice easy-paced 14 miles this morning with Steve, Meghan and Clea.  Still ran 8:30s, and enjoyed the beautiful morning.

pm - ah, an hour of yoga with the mop top guru known as Bryan Kest. Very relaxing - I almost fell asleep during corpse pose.

 DateMonday November 29th
Planam - Nothing
pm - Bob workout 2 (30 minutes)
Outcomepm - that yoga session last night was really good as my legs were quite sore today.  Tonight I managed the first 5-7 minutes of the workout before Dylan decided to wake up and scream the house down (a new development).  As this is taper week, I didn't really mind and went to soothe him while Nancy completed the workout.

DateTuesday November 30th
Planam - 8 miles
pm - Yoga
Outcome4:30am - 52F and really windy.  At several points during this run, it was all I could do to keep moving forward against the wind.  Decided to hold back and not push it too much - finished in 1:03:23 (7:55 pace).

pm - another hour of Bryan Kest.  This time I really did fall asleep during corpse pose!!!

DateWednesday December 1st
Planam - 8 miles
pm - Bicycle trainer (30 minutes)
Outcomeam - woke up for my run this morning and my calf completely cramped up.  After massaging it for a while, I figured I hadn't drunk enough after my yoga practice last night so I decided to skip the run and enjoy the rest instead.  So that's it - my next run will be on race morning

pm - spun 'em around for 30 minutes.  Done with working out until the race.

DateThursday December 2nd
Planam - nothing
pm - nothing

DateFriday December 3rd
Planam - nothing
pm - nothing
Outcome4:30am - 49F and clear, beautiful morning.  Ok, so I got antzy and met Clea for an easy-paced 7 miles.  Good to stretch my legs.  All set for Dallas.

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