Friday, November 12, 2010

The White Rock Diaries (Week 3 of 5)

Week 2 was a very good one for me.  I hit my pace on the 22 miler, kept it going for the midweek runs and cross trained hard.  I also picked up my first 50+ mile week in months - 63 miles.  Whoop whoop and hooray for me!!!  Up this week is my biggest back-to-back weekend before White Rock - 23 hilly miles Saturday and 16 on Sunday, with a weights workout stuck in the middle.

I should be whining pretty good after that!!!

DateSaturday November 13th
Planam - 23 miles
pm - Bob workout 1 (30 minutes - this should really hurt)
Outcome5am - 49F and windy.  Did a hard 23 miles in 3:07:14 (8:08 pace).  Slower than last week, but very pleased for several reasons:  it was very windy, I added in the monster hills of Stratford early in the run and attacked them (though they did take some of the starch out of me) and I did the whole run by myself (it's a real mental challenge to keep your pace going for 23 miles when it's just you, you're tired and you're running into the wind, but it's also great practice for Rocky).  And I just realized, if I finished out another 3.2 miles at that average, it would still be a marathon PR.  Have to admit, I'm pretty tired now though.  Tonight's workout and tomorrow's 16 miles should be interesting.

pm - tonight's workout has been moved to tomorrow since the TV is booked (wife is watching the Texas A&M game).  Ever the opportunist, I am instead enjoying an extra slice of the yummy pumpkin pie I made this afternoon.  I may just go and get another piece too.

DateSunday November 14th
Planam - 16 miles
pm - Nothing
Outcomeam - curtailed this morning's run to 8 miles because of a sick kid.  Ran with Steve and Clea - a nice 8:11 pace

pm - holding plank position, feeling completely alive and watching the sweat pour off me, I'm so glad I shifted the weights workout to tonight.  Some days you just need to hit something really hard, and this was one of those days.  Great workout.

 DateMonday November 15th
Planam - Nothing
pm - Weights with balance (30 minutes)
Outcomepm - 30 minutes of weights circuits while balanced on one leg.  I notice I'm still sore from yesterday and Saturday.

DateTuesday November 16th
Planam - 10 miles
pm - Weights circuit training (1 hour)
Outcome4:30am - 48F, clear and breezy.  I woke this morning with tired and sore legs.  What a great opportunity to see how much I can push.  Found the zone, ran the soreness out and did 10 miles in 1:13:49 (7:23 pace).  Mission accomplished.

pm - held back a bit tonight because I want to put in another big run tomorrow morning

DateWednesday November 17th
Planam - 8 miles
pm - Bicycle trainer (30 minutes)
Outcome4:30am - 46F, chilly and still.  Great running weather, and another big effort run - I did the 8 mile Danish run in 58:27 (7:18 pace) with a 6:59 last mile.  Felt awesome.

pm - oh bike trainer, how much do I hate thee!!!

DateThursday November 18th
Planam - 6 miles
pm - Bob Harper's Workout 1 (30 minutes)
Outcomeam - rewarded myself for a good training week by having an extra hour in bed instead of running this morning.  I don't know why I never do the Thursday run, maybe because it's "only" 6 miles.

pm - got in a good hard workout tonight.  Here's to the end of another great training week.

DateFriday November 12th
Planam - Nothing
pm - Nothing
OutcomeRest day

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