Saturday, November 20, 2010

Running with the Moon Gods

If I were a horror movie director, I would have had my film crew up early Saturday morning because we had the perfect combination - a misty morning with a huge blood red full moon.  I loved it.

And I had a great run to boot.

I met up with Clea for my last 20 miler before White Rock and we chatted away the miles - I don't think a 20 miler has ever gone by so easily.  We didn't really pay much attention to our pace, and the miles flew by as we savored the aroma of barbecue surrounding the few tailgaters in the downtown area.

As we got near to the end I decided to put in a big effort, and managed a 6:48 for the last mile - a great way to finish up the run.

Oh, Mike and Clea - the carrot cake was delicious!!!

Most of the rest of Saturday was taken up playing with Gavin down at the park.  We took the ball, and it was a good few hours of "kick it high daddy", "kick it higher daddy", "go fetch it daddy", "chase me daddy", "can you climb through there daddy?"

We had a super fun time, but it was a tired daddy who fell asleep on the sofa Saturday night.

And after another 11 miles this morning followed by some more chasing around after the ball at the park, I'm already ready for a nap.

I don't think that's going to happen though.  My father-in-law is mad at us again (for what, who knows, and I really don't even care any more), so Nancy and I may just grab the ball and take the boys back to the park.

No rest for the wicked :-)


clea said...

Thank you for a total butt kicking run. I was sore today, and thankful I did not meet y'all since I truly could only manage a jog.

Those Upper Crust carrot cakes are pretty impressive, huh? Mikes gets me one every year. Maybe you need to start a tradition like that.

John said...

Great running Marky, really hope we can get over there sometime next year so we can do, at least, a half marathon together