Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Things you See

So I was out doing my run early this morning, and as I made the turn onto Woodrow I spotted an older gentleman with a huge belly striding purposefully along wearing nothing but baseball cap, hiking boots and a European-style skintight buttock-clenching speedo.

The image is still burned into my retinas.

Now I'm European, but even I have been banned from wearing speedos.  It was one of the first rules Nancy put in place when we first met, and I have been grateful to her ever since.

But enough talk of paunchy posing pouches.

Many congratulations to my little brother who ran a breakout 1:37 at the hilly Conwy half marathon this past weekend.  It's nice to see somebody who has worse race photos than me.

Contrary to popular belief, he did not run it in a speedo!!!


John said...

Yes I did.

Julie said...

Pictures! We need pictures! (I think)

Julie said...
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Mark said...

Believe me, you really don't. It wasn't pretty!!!