Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hungry like the Wolf

I know I said I was going to stop titling my blog posts with song lyrics, but I couldn't resist this one!!!

Because it seems that I am almost constantly hungry these days, and I prowl around the house scavenging for food like, well, a wolf.

And when I'm not eating, I'm planning my next meal.

When Nancy comments on the fact that I'm always snacking, I just reply "fueling the furnace babe".

And it really feels like that.  It's like I've kicked my metabolism into high gear and there's a constant fire simmering just below the surface.  I burn hot, it doesn't take much to get a sweat going, and when I work out I can almost hear and feel the blood sprinting through my veins - it's an amazing feeling that leaves me energized, exhilarated and ablaze (in a good way).

My weight is at 145lbs and I'm taking advantage of the lighter, leaner me.  I ran the 8 mile danish route on Wednesday morning in an all-time best 58:27 - a 7:18 average pace, topped off with a 6:59 last mile.

I wonder.  If I keep pushing those midweek effort runs, maybe I can get my average down below 7:00.  That would be cool.

I'll ponder on it after I find something to snack on :-)


K said...

You are doing remarkable with your training! Good job!

I have a question for ya... what the heck is a danish run? I've seen you mention it before and I figured it was a term that I "should" know and would look stupid not knowing it, but I can't figure it out... so, looking dumb and all, what exactly is a danish run?

Mark said...

A Danish run, as defined by the running literature, is "a run that begins and ends at a really good bakery".

Ok, you've got me. It's just a term we made up for this particular route that does in fact begin and end at a bakery :-)