Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Spouse Smackdown

As I have documented extensively in these very pages, I hate working out on the bicycle trainer.  It is one reason why you will never see me do an ironman (and probably not even a triathlon).  So Sunday night (a workout-free zone for me) I found myself watching Nancy as she pounded the hell out of the thing.  At one point she was doing 120rpms while I sat there with my mouth open, comparing that to my "damp squid" of an effort the night before.

Fast forward an hour, and we were sitting in front of the tv catching up on past episodes of Chuck (our favorite tv show), when I happened to casually toss out the "hand grenade" comment that really she should still be working out on the bike while watching the show.  She countered with somewhat less than complementary comments about my "effort" of the previous night, which led to an admittedly shaky defence of said effort, which (somehow or other) led to me agreeing to a "2 chuck" challenge.

Which basically means I have to stay on the bike and keep pedaling for the duration of 2 Chuck episodes.

That's about 90 minutes total.

Or 5400 seconds if you happen to be counting.

Which I happen to be doing.

How do I keep getting myself into these stupid challenges?  This is the damn cracker challenge all over again (and btw, I know the cracker challenge is possible because my buddy Derek confirms he actually managed it).

So the spouse smackdown challenge is tentatively set for Wednesday evening.  If it doesn't happen then, it will be reconvened after White Rock.

But there's something the good lady wife doesn't yet realize, and it is this.

Babe, if I have to do it, you're going to have to do it too!!!

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