Saturday, December 20, 2008

Walking Walnut

I wussed out of my road group's 10 mile run this morning and stayed in bed (great example there coach) because I was still feeling crappy. I'd been up half the night, and felt so drained and dehydrated I didn't think I had a fast 10 miler in me (which was certainly true). I eventually dragged myself out to Walnut Creek for a 6 mile run/walk (ok, I will admit - it was mostly a walk). I felt a little light headed, was still having some stomach issues, and there was probably a little bit of good old fashioned laziness thrown in there too. The funny thing is I think it did me some good because I've been feeling a lot better since I got home, so I called Clea to take her up on her kind offer of a greenbelt run tomorrow. I need something to kick me back into the swing of things, and maybe a nice Sunday morning run and natter is just the ticket. I've spent the day guzzling gatorade (while dealing with a hyper naughty Gavin - grrrr) and hopefully this is the start of me getting back on track. If Bandera or Rocky had been this weekend, I'd have been dead in the water (or more likely, testing cutoff limits).

In completely unrelated good news, I got the deal I was after on the food processor. Thanks to a timely and fortuitous gold box offer, I ended up with the mighty beast otherwise known as the Kitchenaid KFP750 (in black) for $124. It will arrive after Christmas which gives me time to clear some counter space for it to live. Then I can start chopping stuff.

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