Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Difference a Day Makes

I was so tired yesterday that last night I curled up with Gavin and slept the sleep of the dead. When my alarm clock went off at 4am this morning I felt refreshed and ready to go run some hills. I wanted to test out the hamstring but I was more concerned about some pain I'd started having on the outside of my left foot. I first noticed it during the "run from Hell" yesterday, and when we went to the "Schlitterbahn Hill Country Christmas" event in New Braunfels last night (report to come) I felt a few twinges while walking around with Gavin on my shoulders.

I am happy to report however that this morning there was no reaction from either. While I treated it as a recovery run and ran it nice and slow, I did attack a few of the uphills and some of the downhills. I'm wondering if the foot thing may be connected to my new road shoes. I wore my old ones this morning and had no problems - maybe they just need some extra breaking in.

This morning and afternoon is devoted to making Christmas chocolates and goodies. Nancy is busy making some chocolate dipped coconut bonbons, chocolate pecan fudge, Russian teacakes and truffles. My contribution will be toffee and cappuccino cookies (plus making spaghetti and meatballs for supper tonight), while Gavin is heading up the "product quality and testing" department.

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