Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gearing up for Sunmart

This is an old picture of Huntsville State Park taken on a beautiful misty morning at the Hog's Hunt back in April. I'll be back there this weekend for the Sunmart 50 miler - the first part of the Texas Trilogy. The weather forecast looks perfect for Saturday - high of 63F and low of 40F. I have all my stuff ready to go, and I am getting ready to break one of the big running taboos. Huntsville is one of those trails that you can run well in road shoes, but last weekend I ran a hole into my "should have been retired long ago" Asics road shoes. So I have three options - I can either wear my Montrail Hardrocks (heavy trail shoes built for technical trail), Vasque Velocities (not as heavy as the Montrails but still no lightweights) or a brand new "never been run in" pair of Asics trail shoes (very light - the trail version of my road shoes). I want to run a fast race so I'm going to gamble and go with the Asics. I will tape my feet really well and take my Vasques in case I need to change them out after one of the loops, but I hope I won't have to.

I haven't run at all since Sunday. I've been working late most evenings which has resulted in a forced taper - maybe all for the good. I've carb loaded well for the last few nights and am hoping for the best.

Besides, with the good news I've had this week I have an extra spring in my step.


johnt said...

You are going to do fine, Bro. You for sure needed the taper. You have been hitting it hard as heck for the last 3 months. Dont worry about the new shoes, I put 80 miles on those Vasque at Cactus and they only had 3 on them when I started.

Go Rock the HOUSE!

Jeff said...

Have fun on your back to back Mr.

Derek said...

Good luck and look forward to hearing how it goes!