Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Lights and Tasty Bites

Gavin, Nancy, Tom (my father-in-law) and myself went to the Schlitterbahn Hill Country Christmas spectacular in New Braunfels last night. Schlitterbahn is the number-one rated waterpark in the Country and we have spent many a happy summer's day playing on the myriad of slides and floating in the river.

On the way, we stopped at "Los Cucos" Mexican cafe in New Braunfels for supper and had some of the best Mexican food I've had in a long time. First they brought out the standard bowl of warm chips and salsa, but they had two kinds of salsa. One was a "just different enough to be interesting" rojo (red) salsa but my absolute favorite was the aguacate (avocado) salsa. This is a green salsa synonymous with Houston Tex-Mex (where "Los Cucos" originated). I love avocados, and to make the basic version of this you combine them with tomatillos, onion, cilantro, habaneros and season with salt. I'm going to have to try to reproduce it because it was super yummy - we finished two bowls (of both chips and salsa).

Sidenote : Homesick Texan has a great recipe for this I will have to try. If you're a fan of Tex-Mex and haven't visited her blog, you should.

This was the first Mexican restaurant I've ever been to that had a "healthy meals" section on the menu - a great idea. They also had an excellent kid's menu. I ordered the "grilled chicken, mushroom and spinach quesadillas", Tom went with the "beef fajitas quesadillas", Nancy chose the "chicken fajita nachos" and Gavin had the chicken fingers. My quesadillas were very flavorful and came with the standard accompaniments. Nancy's nachos were also exceedingly yummy and both Tom and Gavin wolfed down their meals too. It was a great little place I will have to remember the next time we go down that way.

Anyway, we got to Schlitterbahn just as it opened. I'm glad we got there early as parking later seemed to be horrendous. The whole waterpark was decked out with Christmas lights, there were machines spouting "snow" into the air, a skating rink and several shows. We wandered around, and the place really came to life once it got dark. Then the lights were really spectacular, but there were so many people there (I hate large crowds) and there honestly wasn't too much to do once you'd seen the lights. We watched some of the light shows on the river, and Gavin had had enough so we decided to go.

Best Moments of the Night
Mark : at one point we were behind a guy who was walking with, shall we say, an exaggerated hip movement. Gavin was following close behind and I could see him trying to figure out what was up. Then he started imitating him - hilarious.

Nancy : the light show synchronized to music on the river

Gavin : getting his own "abominable snowman" cuddly toy made from the "stuffing machine". He called him "Bomino" and has been playing with him ever since.

Tom : going home!!

Photo GalleryDaddy and Gavin compare bad hair days.

Whoops - I guess we forgot to remind Tom to smile.

Daddy and Gavin point out the exact spot where Grandpa Wales "stole" the innertube the last time we went to Schlitterbahn

A-maze-ing - Gavin navigating the straw maze

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