Thursday, October 1, 2009

Can I Still Call it Deckmart?

Last December I took on the "Deckmart" challenge - running 50 miles at Sunmart followed by the notoriously hilly Decker half marathon the next day. I felt great, smashed my 50 mile PR on day one, then ran and chatted away the entire Decker race with Clea (who had run the 50k at Sunmart) on day two. It turned out to be the last running of Sunmart, so our unique challenge seemed to be consigned to history.

But Sunmart was reinvented earlier this year at the Texas Trails 50k, and the challenge was back on. Huntsville State park is one of my favorite places to run, so I knew right then that I would probably end up running it. Last night I finally took the plunge and signed up for both races.

The only problem is what to call the challenge this year. Sunmart is no longer involved so the old name no longer applies. Anyone got any ideas?


Celeste Domsch said...

Will there be any course support at the 50K? I thought I read somewhere it was a carry-your-own race. Given how much I eat, that could be a problem. :)

Mark said...

They're also doing a 12.5 mile race to encourage first time trail runners, so there must be course support.