Friday, October 16, 2009

Davis Mountains Day 2

One of my great unspoken hopes is that Gavin or Dylan (or both) will one day pace their old man to a 100 mile finish. For that special experience I would abandon my "no-pacer" rule. Unfortunately, Gavin seems to have inherited his dad's clumsiness - he falls over his own feet and knocks drinks over with alarming regularity. So when we visited the Fort Davis National historic site today and found a really technical steep trail that led straight up the mountain I wasn't too hopeful that Gavin would want to hike it.

I was right, he didn't. He wanted to run it.

I had Dylan in a sling, but I was so worried Gavin was going to fall right off the mountain that I took off after him. And he wasn't hanging around - he was flying up the trail. After a few minutes I realized I needn't worry about him - he'd found his platform. He was gliding effortlessly, picking out his footing, shifting his weight and bounding from rock to rock with a grace and ease I only wish I possessed. I went to go past him but he wasn't having any of it - he wanted to be the leader so I eased back and waited for him to tire out and stop. But he didn't - he kept on going all the way to the top. I was the one who ended up breathing hard.

Maybe I got it wrong - maybe I'll be the one pacing him.

Nancy and Gavin outside the visitor's center

On the trail - note Gavin is not happy because I ordered him to stop so we could take the pictures

This afternoon Gavin wanted to take a swim in the hotel pool. Regardless of how it looks in the photo below, that pool was like ice. I guess I'll count it as my pre-race ice bath, though I'm betting it will feel quite good after the race tomorrow.

Can you tell we're cold?!!!

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