Thursday, October 8, 2009

Anyone need a pacer?

I won't be running the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler this coming February since I will be camping outside the Austin ISD building overnight on the Friday to get a school transfer request in for Gavin when they open on the Saturday morning.

However, I will be free later in the day so thought I would see if anyone who is running needed a pacer for the last 20 or 40 miles. I did the 100 there earlier this year, had a great race and really enjoy Huntsville State park.

So if you're running and want company for the night portion, or just someone to kick your butt and bully you into crossing that finish line, let me know and we'll figure something out.


Anonymous said...

pace me!


Derek said...

I may take you up on that. If you don't find anyone else to pace I could use the company. (I'll probably be walking most of the night time) I'm still waiting to see how the body holds up to the longer runs, but I'm looking at making RR my first 100 miler.

brendaontheRun said...

Wow ... I thought getting into the Western States was hard! I hope it doesn't get too cold where you are in Feb (you'd freeze to death if you did that here!!!)

Mark said...

Ha, this is Texas - it can be 20F or 80F (or both).

Hopefully it won't be either.

DavidH said...

How many can you pace at once? ;)

I may be interested in some of your top-shelf experience and witty personality if you are free. Is my nose dirty? :)

This will be my first 100.

Mark said...

Wow, quite a response. I hope I get to pace at least one of you. I have great memories of running this race last year and would be honored to help any of you in whatever way I can.