Monday, October 26, 2009

These Shoes were Made for Running

Yet I haven't run a single step in them......yet. I bought them about two years ago and they've been sitting in my closet while I pounded the soles off my other pair of Hardrocks. But those faithful old warriors have finally been pastured off (due to parts of their tread falling off), so the challenge has been issued for these young whippersnappers to (hopefully) see me through 100 miles of cactus Rose on Saturday.

Ideally I would have liked to run a few miles in them beforehand, but with all the rain we've been having over the past few weeks I didn't want to get them caked with mud. On the other hand that means they have a lot of support, spring and bounce I can take advantage of.

And since I'm going to be running in Bandera on the 31st we wanted to enjoy a little bit of Halloween early this past weekend. We had a great time at the Frankenthon marathon on Saturday (though my calves are still mooing from all the concrete), and last night we went to "Halloween in the Park" at Guadalupe River State Park. We had a great time and Gavin cleaned up on candy. The trails were full of witches, ghosts, vampires, spiders, and a roaming bigfoot (not to mention a few shapely wenches, though being a married man I didn't stare...too much!!!). All the staff and volunteers were obviously having a blast and it was a whole lot of fun - I mean how often do you hear a park ranger tell you to "pull forward and pay the witch"!!!

Here are a few pics.

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