Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Recovery and Reflections on "Captain Crazy"

I did an 8 mile recovery run this morning. I took it nice and slow but I still felt pretty sore after the weekend, which is unusual for me. Still, after seeing some friends throwing up repeatedly after the race, telling horror stories of dehydration and cramping, or being unable to walk the day after, I'll take my little bit of soreness!!!

This morning's route headed through UT, into downtown and across the river before looping around and climbing back uphill for the last 4 miles. I don't know what happened to the nice cool early mornings we had last week because it was 83F when I started at 5am and humid as all hell. I am definitely jealous of friends who are enjoying cooler climes this week!!!

On the way home I heard the most bizarre commercial on the radio from a company that specialized in "discreet dating" for married folks. Yes, we all know what that means - how nice that we now have a company dedicated to serving the needs of rotten cheating spouses. WTF???!!!!! I am not going to link to them or even mention their name because it's too sleazy for words - I'll just turn up my nose, hum "Rule Britannia" and ponder on whether we should put y'all back under British rule (though God knows, we're not much better)!!!!

Even the radio hosts who would sell ice to Eskimos if they could seemed embarrassed.

"Captain crazy showed up and started saying his usual repertoire of random and increasingly socially awkward things".Anyway, let's turn away from the craziness of the world in general and put the focus back on one particular crazy dude from the weekend. Turns out it wasn't just me because I keep hearing more and more stories about this guy, and I think almost everyone had the "pleasure" of running across him (or being stalked by him) at some point. My favorite story came from one runner who reported that "crazy dude" kept joking that he'd peed in the ice at the aid station.

At least, I hope he was joking!!!

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