Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Breakfast Club

There's something about combining a run with breakfast that really hits the spot. First it was the "Danish run", then this morning Clea and I invented the "Kolache run". We met up at Walnut Creek and got in a very pleasant 8 miles - the time flew by and we had a great time exploring the trails and chatting away.

Then we retired to Lone Star Kolaches for breakfast and met up with Nancy, Gavin and baby Dylan. Gavin was at his charming best - he claimed his little brother "cried all the time because he had no teeth" and Clea looked "much younger than daddy", who was "old as dirt". Charming :-) We all sat outside taking advantage of a lovely cool breeze and enjoying a relaxed breakfast. The saying "easy like Sunday morning" should include a picture of us.

It's always good to remember that running is not all about training and racing - it's at its best when you can just enjoy it for what it is. Sharing miles and trail time with friends, enjoying the morning sunshine and the rhythm of the run leaves you invigorated and refreshed. So hooray for friends.

Kolaches also help - hooray for them too!!!

Tomorrow I'm going to run an early morning 15 miles and then we're headed off to Brownwood for the day to visit the outlaws. I'm sure Grandpa Tom will enjoy showing off his new grandson.

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