Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Longest 60k Ever

Got an email today from Joe, the race director of the "All Nighter" I ran a few weekends ago. He said that a number of folks had complained (and no, I wasn't one of them) that the course was long so he went back and remeasured today. He had originally measured each loop at 6.2 miles. My Garmin reckoned 6.85. Turns out we were both wrong as it was actually 7.33 miles. So nice bonus - I ran 44 miles, which makes this the longest 60k I've ever run :-)

I don't really care (though it does show what a classy guy Joe is). In fact, I'm pretty pleased to have gotten bonus miles in and to have "outlasted" 60% of the other runners on what was a "head down and gut it out" training run for Cactus Rose.

Does make me feel a bit better about my awful time though.

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