Thursday, August 13, 2009

Feeling Good

Something has happened. For the first time in this long hot summer I'm feeling good, really good. Maybe I've gotten used to the sleep deprivation that a new baby brings, maybe I've just rediscovered my mojo, but my runs over the last week have been excellent - I've felt strong and fast, and have regularly hit sub-8 minute miles with very little effort.

This morning I met up with David, Shawn and Erin for a fast 8 miles, with the added bonus of a cool front. The temp was 75F, which felt great - it really does make a huge difference.

And maybe I have uncovered a bit of motivation. After my poor performance in the last all-nighter, I have a chance to redeem myself this weekend with the second 60k in the series - the Timber Knoll at Pedernales Falls State park. I did well in this race last year and finished 4th overall (partly because most people quit when we were hit with torrential rain), so I'm hoping for a better run.

And I will try not to forget my headlamp!!!

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