Thursday, August 27, 2009

Glorious Solitude

I love a rainy night

- Eddie Rabbitt
Yes Eddie, I too love a rainy night. We finally got some rain last night, along with an impressive lightning show. It wasn't much, but it was good while it lasted and right now we're grateful for anything - I ran Walnut Creek on Monday evening and it was a dustbowl!!!

This August is officially the hottest ever in Austin, and we've already had 66 days of 100F+ heat this year - in just a few more days we'll set another record for that too.

While I haven't broken any speed records this month I've been steady and consistent, and if I finish my third 60k of the month this weekend, I will comfortably break 200 miles since August 1st.

Part of the reason for that consistency is that I've been spoilt with plenty of friends to run with early mornings, but my luck ran out this week and I did all my midweek runs solo. It's not all bad though - sometimes it's good to run by yourself and disappear into your head.

One trend I've noticed since Dylan was born is that I've tended to switch my running back to early mornings - it's just more convenient, and if I want to go longer I just get up earlier.

This morning's run started off with a limp - my left achilles and right knee were sore, but the pain faded within the first mile and it turned into a really nice run. I finished it off with a good strong climb up Lavaca and around the capital, and felt good.

As an added bonus, the 8 miles took me over 1300 miles for the year - still on target to break 2000 by year end.

Hopefully it will be somewhat cooler by then!!!

*** Update : I wondered this morning why a section of Congress was being cordoned off as I ran through. Turns out they were filming part of the new Robert Rodriguez movie "Machete". Didn't catch a glimpse of Robert de Niro though.


Anonymous said...

sorry mate, i have been real sucker at keeping up the early AM run commitment. let this week pass by...we will do something next week.

haha..i got my 1300+ this evening...

lets drink to that at this weekend race. pls dont lap me at the race!!!


Antonio said...

Solitude is something that people really forgot, they're always connected, either with phones, computers or the like or with people. Sometimes being alone is healthy, it teaches independence