Monday, August 3, 2009

Do Guys Change Diapers?

I took Dylan for a diaper change the other night and a friend of ours gave me a quizzical look and commented "American guys don't change diapers. Must be a European thing".

My first thought was that she was way off base, but I did get a few similar comments when Gavin was a baby (and my father-in-law flat refuses to change diapers for the same reason). So it left me a little curious - is this another oddball American cultural thing I am happily ploughing over, or is she crazy?

Any of my American readers have a position on this?


Celeste Domsch said...

Matt changed many a diaper! I didn't even know what baby poop looked like for a few blessed weeks. :)

Mark said...

Hooray for Matt - I am not alone. As I remarked to Nancy last night, we are shining beacons of modern husbandry and you are lucky to have caught us.

We are also extremely humble :-)

Celeste Domsch said...

That hits the nail on the head. :)

GREAT run at Muleshoe!

David Hanenburg said...

The quote cracks me up.

I am an American guy and yes I have changed plenty of diapers on my son. I also have been with him alone without my wife attached at the hip. Crazy stuff! :) Enjoy the experience.

Time to go hunt and make fire. Ug Ug

Mark said...

Yes, the poll results (both online and off) are pretty conclusive - she's crazy :-)