Sunday, January 17, 2010


I don't get running injuries. Little niggles perhaps, but I don't remember the last (non ankle twisting) running injury I had. And let's face it - I really tested that theory out last year.

So I'm sitting here with my foot wrapped in an ice pack hoping this is just another little niggle.

Here's the deal - I noticed some sharp pain in my left instep during yesterday's 13 miler, but honestly didn't think too much about it. But when I got up this morning to go run Bull Creek it certainly got my attention - I got out of the car and wondered if I would even be able to run. But me being me I figured I'd give it a shot. I was able to complete the run ok, but it was in no way comfortable.

When I got home I took Gavin and Dylan for a walk around the neighborhood and found myself limping (though on the plus side it was a beautiful morning). I'm hoping it will settle down and I'll be able to do 11 miles of hills along Stratford and Scenic tomorrow morning, but it's still pretty tender.

It feels suspiciously like tendonitis, but I don't have all the classic symptoms and it seems to be pretty mild. I think I can trace it back to one of the strength workouts I did last week, and I believe the culprit to be jumping lunges. I don't even know why I did them because I usually modify them - only the day before I was telling a buddy of mine what an injury magnet they were!!!

I did some yoga and another strength workout this afternoon, but I was real careful not to stress or stretch that foot too much. I have a 22 miler with my road group next Saturday and the last thing I need is a foot injury.

But here's the funny thing - after searching for my motivation for weeks, a potential injury really stokes my stubborn nature. The little voice in my head is saying "go on, run anyway".

And when it comes to running, the danger is that little voice usually gets the better of common sense.


Larry said...

Take care of yourself. My rule of thumb is 2 days full rest if I feel an injury coming on. It ain't easy to do, but it has always worked out for the best.

Derek said...

OK, make sure you take care of yourself and get healthy.