Sunday, January 3, 2010

Resolutions set in Small Stone?

I just had a great idea - in 2010 I want to actually train for and run a fast marathon again. My speed suffered in the latter half of 2009 as I focused on Cactus Rose and a new baby took priority. I didn't even do my long runs at pace as I mostly played sweeper for my road group and ran within myself, while all my marathons were written off as training runs.

It's been quite a while since I trained specifically for a speedy marathon, but I think it's time to have another go.

And it's also been a while since I prepared properly for one (almost exactly a year in fact). If I'm honest, I've been treading water for the last few months and not really pushing myself. I need to start doing some strength training again and inject a little more focus into my running (ie. actually do some of my midweek runs).

And I wonder how fast I could run if I hydrated and carb-loaded beforehand. Hey, another great thought - what if I used some gels during the race?

If I do all that, maybe I'll have a chance of getting under 3:30 as opposed to playing around with 3:50 and 4 hour marathons. A year ago I could knock out marathons like 5ks and be ready to go again the next day. I want to get back to that.

Will all that in mind, I just signed up for the Little Rock marathon in Arkansas on March 7th. I think that's a good goal to aim toward, and gives me enough time to get ready.

I also want to compare their "big medal" with the one from the Texas marathon.

Should be fun.


clea said...

Cool!!! We have the same goal (well, I get the additional goal to lose baby weight and get my miles back up). Hmmmm....would your family also enjoy a Boston 2011 trip?

Nancy said...


I will happily attempt to look after the little ones while you and Mark run if it means I get to go to Boston!! :-) Mark, get to running now!!


olga said...

I haven't run a marathon on roads in exactly, hmm, 5 years. My (one of) goal is to actually run one this year, fast or not.
BTW, don't you even try to sandbag about 3:30. I did 3:45 as a training run that last time, and it was squeezed between ultras. You got much more speed than I had even back then. Boston qualifyer, nothing less.