Monday, January 25, 2010

4 Minutes is a Long Time

I did 6 miles at Walnut Creek yesterday so I figured I'd give the foot a rest today as it was a little sore. Tonight I did some core work which left me nicely warmed up and loose, so I decided to give a tabata workout a try.

The exercise I decided on was dumbbell squat thrusters. Basically you stand upright holding two handheld weights at shoulder level with your arms bent at 90 degrees. You go down into a squat and come back up straight into a shoulder press. That's one rep.

So I found a great online tabata timer and was all set. Now I figured that the tabata workout itself would be pretty simple - after all, it's only 4 minutes.

But it wasn't - oh my God it was hard. The sweat and fatigue levels just built the more sets I did - the 10 seconds rest between sets seemed like nothing and the 20 seconds of all out effort seemed much longer. But I'm happy to say I did all 8 sets and managed 125 squat thrusters in the 4 minutes with a score (the least amount done in any 20 second set) of 15.

It's been quite a while since I came away from a workout with both my arms and legs feeling like rubber, but it feel's kinda good. I think I'll come up with a workout that layers about four tabata intervals back to back.

Now that would be intense.

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