Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Day After

I've had a lot of good advice from several friends to give my foot a rest from running, and I have - I haven't run since Sunday. Not because I've turned over a new leaf and become sensible, but because I'm still sore from Monday night's tabata workout!!!

But my cross training is still going great guns. Yesterday I did some core and tonight some strength training. Both days I was feeling my hamstrings - they were especially noticeable while doing some bridge pose routines. But when I finished tonight I was feeling nice and loose, so the little devil on my shoulder suggested I do another tabata workout - this time with bicep curls.

And it went pretty well - over the 4 minutes I managed 152 bicep curls with a score of 17 (and high of 21), so I was nice and consistent. But you can be sure my arms were getting rubbery by the last few sets - and I bet they'll be sore in the morning.

I love this tabata thing.

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