Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Shoe Scrooge

I have about 700 miles on my road shoes. Usually a running shoe gets retired after about 300-400 miles, so I'm blatantly ignoring one of running's cardinal rules (but since when has that ever stopped me). And it's not that I don't have replacements lined up. On the contrary, I have one pair of Asics 2120s and two pair of 2130s sitting in their boxes waiting to report for duty. Nope, it's just me - I'm a shoe scrooge. I simply hate to put miles on a new pair of shoes when I have no road races anywhere on the horizon.

At least my trail shoes are a little better. Depending on terrain and distance I currently rotate between Montrail Hardrocks, Vasque Velocities, Asics 2120 trail hybrids and a new pair of Montrail Streaks I got a great deal on. I also have a couple pairs of Hardrocks sitting in their boxes waiting for Cactus Rose.

Maybe I need the ghosts of marathons past, present and yet-to-come to visit and make me see the error of my ways.

Until then I'll just say "bah humbug".


Jeff said...


Have a proper burning ceremony for the 700 mile road shoes before you get injured.


Mark said...

Can't - we're under a burn ban :-)