Sunday, June 21, 2009

Run, Sun and Sleeping In

Myself, Allen Wrinkle and Erin at Bull Creek.
Photo courtesy of John Sharp

I must be an idiot. At 5am on Friday morning the temperature was 78F, humidity was 90%, I had the day off work, yet I wasn't tucked up in bed. Instead I was meeting a fast road friend for a run. Last Wednesday I ran a new route called the "Danish run" with Steve, Meghan and Clea. It was a really nice run, and I wanted to try it again. What with the humidity, we didn't push it as fast as I would have liked - barely under an 8 minute mile - but it was a good workout nonetheless and I finished up soaked to the skin. I also finished with a slight calf strain, which was very annoying.

And the reason I started so early was that I wanted to get home before Nancy left for work so Gavin could stay home with me. We went swimming again and had a great time - we were in the pool for over 2 hours, and it helped my calf settle down. Gavin did really well and managed to swim across the pool and back - I was so proud of him. We got home, cuddled up together watching home movies and then took a nap. It was a great day.

Yesterday I met up with John Sharp, his friend Erin and Allen Wrinkle to guide them around some of Austin's best hills. John is training for the Hardrock 100 and this was his last weekend of big runs, while Allen is training for the Tahoe Rim 100. We started off with a 10 mile loop around Jester, Beauford and Courtyard and then moved on to the 10 mile loop around Ladera Norte. It got pretty warm by the end, and we were glad to be done, but it was a fun run with some great company. I hardly noticed my calf, so that was good.

Myself and John Sharp at Bull Creek.
Photo courtesy of John Sharp

This morning was Father's day, so I decided to take the day off running and slept in instead. Of course, that left me with no excuse not to mow the yard. I've neglected our back yard for at least a month and it was like a jungle. I think it was easier to run the 20 miles of hills yesterday than it was to force the mower over that - I sweated like a pig, swore like a sailor and pushed the mower to its limits!!! I promise with as much honest intention as possible that I will never let it get that bad between mows ever again.

And finally, we have a new toy. Nancy's been wanting a new netbook for a while, so I've been researching them, and this morning I picked up a sweet deal on this one. It's tiny, the battery lasts for hours and it has a built-in webcam so when the baby is born my parents can see him over Skype (that's assuming I have the patience to guide my "technologically challenged" dad through the setup).

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steve said...

Cool on the swimming with Gavin.

Laughed about the lawn. I think runners must be the worst gardeners around.

I was lucky today - my daughter cut mine as a Father's Day gift :)

Hope you had a good one,