Sunday, June 28, 2009

Relaxed Weekend

Hello, you all look a little different today. Maybe that's because I'm writing this from Nancy's new netbook. It's a pretty cool little machine with a fantastic battery life - great for travel, movies, music, or surfing the web at coffee shops and wifi hotspots. I guess I could even do some work on it if I really had to!!!

I do love to tinker with stuff and I spent a large part of yesterday customizing and configuring it. I repartitioned the hard drive and installed a linux version nicely customized for netbooks as a dual boot.

I figured I'd give my ankle a rest and didn't run much this weekend. I didn't run at all yesterday, and did just 7 miles this morning. It was a nice change, but it leaves me at 180 miles for the month. There are 2 days remaining in June - can I bag the 20 extra miles I need to hit that 200 mile mark for the second month in a row? I'd like to - with the baby due next month I doubt I'm going to get anywhere close in July.

We'll see how it goes.

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