Monday, June 29, 2009

Lack of Motivation

I ran 5 miles tonight on some pretty rough trail to test my ankle. It's still swollen and I was real careful to not be my usual clumsy self, but it was all good. My main problem right now is lack of motivation - I'm in a trough. I just have no desire to get out there and run, and it feels like my running has gone to hell - I feel slow, tired and useless. 5 miles was enough for me tonight - I had no desire to extend and just wanted to be done.

On the other hand it was 106F when I started running. And I've run 185 miles in a month that's set numerous heat records. I'm taking Gavin swimming tomorrow night and I'm not running in the morning, so I'll miss the 200 mile mark but that's fine. July may be a pull back month (running-wise at least), and that's probably just what I need right now.


brendaontheRun said...

Bummer about the ankle - sounds like it's time for some rest and enjoy doing some other things. For exercises, I think any stabilization exercises done on one foot at a time would be beneficial. You can use a pillow to stand on and do some one leg squats. Or stand on a Bosu ball. Also try some one legged balancing poses in yoga too - they help build strength and stability.

Mark said...

Some good ideas there - thanks Brenda. Have a great time on your fastpacking trip.