Sunday, February 1, 2009

Look Out Tony Hawke

Just completed the last training weekend before Rocky Raccoon. I did a nicely paced 10 miler with my road group yesterday (1:18:49 - 7:53 pace) and said goodbye to everyone since I won't be there for their last group run next week or for the Austin marathon (I'm going to miss running with the guys but doing the same route every weekend was getting old). Then this morning I got out to Town Lake early and did a 4 mile loop around the hills of Stratford Dr before meeting up with some of my Texas Independence Relay teammates for another 7 miles around the Scenic Dr loop. It was a picture perfect morning and we had a great time on a very pretty route.

Yesterday I went to Academy to get some new running shorts because I discovered a large hole in my old Asics. I tried several different brands and found that Nike now have several different cuts to their NikeFit Dri range, and they fit really well. I bought a pair of these and a pair of these. Tried the first pair out on this morning's run and I really like them - I think I will wear them for the race. I always bring Nancy along when I'm clothes shopping so she can "yay or nay" my fashion choices (it's much safer that way) and she gave me the thumbs up on both these which is good. It is also bad as that means she will be stealing them at some point.

While we were there, I found a little skateboard for Gavin. He was super excited about it so we headed home to play. We all took turns on it (let's just say I'm very out of practice), and Gavin seems to have perfected the crawl technique. That's perfectly fine with us - much less he can damage that way.

Spent the rest of a great day happily making (and sampling) rojo and aguacate salsas for the superbowl this evening, and some homemade spinach raviolis with a ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan filling to add some variety to carb loading this week. Nancy, Gavin and my parents have headed out to get some charcoal (so I can grill some sirloin burgers for supper) while I try to figure out if my homemade hamburger buns will rise or end up as the usual hockey pucks. My money is on the latter (don't worry, I bought some from the store just in case).

6 days to go.

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