Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jester Nother Run

Last year the "Austin Runner" magazine published a list of the top 10 toughest hills in Austin. I no longer have the magazine, but it's a useful list to have so here it is.

RouteDifficulty Rating
1.Beauford Dr10
2.Courtyard Dr10
3.Jester Blvd9
4.Ladera Norte8
5.Rain Creek Pkwy6
6.Mount Bonnell5
7.Lost Creek5
8.Wilke Dr4
9.Stratford Dr2
10.Exposition and Balcones2

This morning I met up with Roger at 5am to do a 9 mile hilly run that incorporated the top 3 (Beauford, Courtyard and Jester). It was a really cold morning and we had a great run, averaging just under a 10 minute mile pace which was pretty good considering all the hills involved.

Roger was going on to run Ken's loop, but I headed off to the Hill of Life to meet another group of friends for a greenbelt run. It was still cold and my hands quickly got numb. I had some gloves in the car, but for some reason I left them there. My hands did warm up after a few miles, but my fingers swelled up with the cold and they still look like fat sausages. Despite that, it was a beautiful morning for a run and a good chance to catch up with some chat and banter.

And it all added up to a lovely 20 mile day, done and dusted by 9am which is always a bonus.

If anyone wants to try a really good hilly run, I mapped out the Jester loop here, but be careful on the portions that go along the shoulder of 2222 and 360.

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