Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Driver Needed for Smelly Runners

I have a 12 man (and woman) team running the Texas Independence Relay on March 7th and 8th. It is a 40 leg, 203 mile route that goes from Gonzales (where the first shots in the battle for Texas Independence were fired) to the site of the final battle at San Jacinto. We have rented two vans, but one of our drivers has dropped out. So if anyone out there is interested in driving some smelly runners around all weekend in a van filled with beer and pizza (and why would you not?), please let me know asap. We will have a fun time and make it worth your while.

And news from the running front: Rocky Raccoon didn't do it, Bandera didn't do it, marathons don't even come close any more, but those damn hills of Jester, Beauford and Courtyard did. Yes, I'm sore today (mostly my quads from holding back on the downhills). Jeff F. was kind enough to show me around the trails at St. Eds yesterday evening and I could feel the ghosts of those 15-20% gradient ridged monsters in my legs. And I thought I was good at hills!!!

St Eds was a great place to run though. I've never been there before, and I haven't run with Jeff in so long I thoroughly enjoyed catching up. And since we started at 4:30pm, I was home by 6pm so could still enjoy the evening.

No running today - it's Fat Tuesday!!!

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