Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Put Up or Shut Up

Free your mind and your body will follow.

I've always liked that quote, and it's a mantra I've adopted as my theme this week in the buildup to the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler. I enjoy the mental aspects of ultra running - it's always been my big strength - and I've been working hard all week to reinforce that using various visualization and meditation techniques. While I'm aware that running 100 miles carries a significant risk of not finishing, I will never stand at a start line without believing 100% that I'm going to finish and this race is no exception. So let me just say it - I believe I will finish and I'm ready to go to Huntsville and defend my zero DNF record.

Tonight I did my last easy training run on the greenbelt and I feel good - in the last few months I've set, broken and rebroken PRs at distances from 10k to 100k and I'm ready. I've tapered, I'm well rested, my little niggling injuries have healed and I've enjoyed my carb loading this week. I don't have the same nerves I felt in the days leading up to Bandera - in its place is a quiet buzz of anticipation. I feel relaxed and at peace with myself. This race has been so long in coming I can't wait to get out there and take on the challenge.

I do have a time goal - it is ambitious but not unachievable. But I am superstitious and will not talk about it before the race. Instead I will seal the prediction in an envelope and leave it at home for Nancy to open.

3 days to go - it's time to put up or shut up.


Jeff said...

C'mon man.....what's the goal?

Mark said...

I'm afraid not mister - it's signed and sealed. Though after our conversation this morning I've also put a sealed prediction in my Dogwood drop bag. If you reckon you've figured out my finishing time, I'll bet you a beer on who's closer.