Saturday, January 31, 2009

Old School

Someone posted this old school picture on Facebook. It was taken on St. David's day sometime in the late 1970s (St David is the patron saint of Wales and is celebrated on March 1st). The girls are decked out in traditional Welsh dress and the boys are wearing leeks or daffodils. Can you tell which one is me?

Hint : I'm in one of the front two rows.


steve said...

Can't quite make out which one is you, but the kid with the huge leek is tremendous!

Great pic! I've got a few like that too....

brenda said...

Only the Welsh could choose to wear a leak to school!! Coming from an English speaking Welsh family (!), I used to opt for a daffodil without the hat and shawl! What a great photo!!

Mark said...

Yes, I remember one boy who used to wear a real leek. He would start munching on it first thing in the morning and by the time we had the picture taken there was not much of it left.

I'm the third from the left in the 2nd row (the kid with the red top and navy collar).

Strange to think that old school is long gone - it's a police station now.