Friday, January 16, 2009

Bandera Reflections

Photo Courtsey of Joe Prusaitis

Look at that - now there's a sunset that just screams "Texas". It's almost a week after the race and I am still on a high. I went to Shepler's Western store earlier this week and bought myself a belt to house the buckle, and I rewarded myself by not running at all this week - just doing some cross training and spending the time with my parents instead (I will make up for it this weekend with some long runs though).

Here are my thoughts and reflections

The Bandera Experience
I think I finally "got" why so many people enjoy running out at Bandera. Sure it's rugged and challenging, but it's also very rewarding. Of the three ultras in the Trilogy this was the one I was most nervous about, but I suspect it's the one I will look back on with fondest memories.

Trail Community
Trail running is more than just time and mileage, it is a very tightly knit community which I am very lucky to have stumbled across and very proud to be a part of. Joe and Joyce always put on top notch races and do everything in their power to help you cross that finish line, and the volunteers (all ultra runners themselves) are just the best. I've met so many people and made some wonderful friends in the last year.

Lucky Shirt
Who would have thought that a $7 running shirt from Wally World would become my lucky race shirt, but I've had a PR every time I've worn it (through 2 marathons, Sunmart and Bandera). I guess I need to pack it to take to Rocky Raccoon with me.

Texas Trilogy Standings
I took a look at the Texas Trilogy standings this morning and was shocked to find myself in 3rd place (and 1st male). I calculated I have a 25 minute cushion over the 4th placed dude, which equals excellent motivation for Rocky Raccoon.

Unfortunate Side Effect
Having enjoyed Bandera so much, I am contemplating signing up for the Cactus Rose 100 miler. It is a self supported race (they only provide water) on the Bandera course, but with all the flat bits taken out. I ran 45 miles of it while pacing my buddy back in November, and the race description of "A nasty rugged trail run: No Whiners, Wimps, or Wusses. We give Bonus Points for Blood, Cuts, Scrapes, & Puke" has not deterred me.

200 Situp Challenge : Week 3 day 3 (from Tuesday)
Plan : 33, 42, 30, 30, at least 45
Actual : 33, 42, 30, 30, 45

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johnt said...

Can Joe take a picture or what? I say go for Cactus, I am signed up also. I signed up for ROCKY too, I hope you dont get upset! maybe we can finish together!!!