Monday, January 5, 2009

First Look at a New Life

Wow. Is there anything more exciting as a dad than seeing the first pictures of what will one day be your son or daughter? Look at those legs - is he doing leg presses or reverse crunches? It's still too early to tell if it's a boy or girl, but there's no denying Gavin's days as an only child are numbered.

Not much else going on here. I went for a 6 mile trail run with some friends yesterday, and that's the last run I plan on doing until Bandera. I'm putting my feet up this week and concentrating on cross training. Tonight I "Shredded" and then had a go at the 200 situps challenge.

Situp Challenge : Week 3 Day 1
Plan :
21, 27, 21, 21, at least 30
Actual : 21, 27, 21, 21, 40

I think I'm going to enjoy it.


steve said...

Great pic!

Enjoy your taper and I hope you keep enjoying the sit-ups challenge.

Good luck at Bandera..


clea said...

Glad everything looks good with "Little Runner" so far. Can't wait to hear your Bandera are gonna do great!

Ryan "GandaMan" Valdez said...

Good times, amigo!

BTW -- have you checked the weather report for Bandera? I'm seeing a 30% chance of rain. Ugh.