Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ice is Not so Nice

We took Gavin ice skating yesterday. I'd never been before and it was horrible - I suck. I was completely out of control - I couldn't stop, turn, or do anything other than stop myself falling over. I was super nervous about rolling my ankles, so I spent most of the time with my feet bent inwards and cursing Nancy for making me go. Gavin hated it as much as I did - we pulled our way around the rink one time and then retired to run around the bleachers and watch Nancy skate around like a pro (she swears she's only been 3 times in her life but I am dubious). Even my dad fared a lot better than I did. I would be happy if I never had to go ice skating ever again!!!

Before that ill-advised trip, I did a nice fast 12 miler with my road group and felt good. I didn't add in any extra mileage and it was nice to just finish at 12.

I was tempted to join Roger early this morning for the first portion of his "hilly road run from Hell", but I didn't get up in time and I'd made plans to meet Clea down at the greenbelt a little later anyway. We had a relaxing 6 mile run and a nice chat, and it was a beautiful morning. When did 18 miles become an easy running weekend?

When I got home I felt like giving level 2 of the 30 day shred a shot. I was surprised to discover it's not really any more difficult than level 1, but it's still a good intense workout. I struggled for balance and coordination on some of the 1-legged exercises, but I still got a good workout. I felt in the groove when I was done, so I decided to start off week 4 of the 200 situps challenge.

200 Situp Challenge : Week 4 day 1
Plan :
32, 38, 32, 32, at least 48
Actual : 32, 38, 32, 32, 250

Yes, that's not a misprint, you did read it right - I did 250 crunches for the last set. I'm pretty good at abs, and now that Bandera's out of the way I wanted to pull out the stops and see how many I could do. I quit at 250 because I needed to shower and go to the grocery store, but technically that means I achieved the program goal. I think I'm still gonna follow the schedule and see it through - I'm a whole lot better at crunches than I was at pushups!!!

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steve said...

You're the man!

I'll add you to the "did the two hundred" page soon...

I'm not much of a skater either. We went a few years ago at a rink they'd set up in Cardiff for Christmas. Good fun, but my ankles ached for days!

Have a great week,