Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Playing Wii on the Big TV

I finally got around to setting up the Nintendo Wii last night. Nancy was at her core class so I pored over the tightly packed box and figured out how it all fit together. I set it up, positioned the sensor bar, pulled out the TV enough to wriggle behind, plugged the video and audio leads in, and turned on. Bingo, we're up and running.

The package came with a game disc - Wii Sports - so I figured we'd try it out. Gavin was excited and wanted to play too, so I selected Bowling and we created our little avatars. Took my turn and found it surprisingly easy and fun to use. I knocked down 8 pins on the first round, which I thought was pretty good. Then it was Gavin's turn. I put the strap around his wrist, showed him how to swing his arm and which button to press. He unleashed - strike!!!

Wow, bested by a 3 year old. He looked at me and his little face lit up. "Daddy, I knocked them all down" he said. Mighty humbling.

I played Nancy when she got home. It was a closely fought contest.....but she won. Damn!!! I suck at Wii. Still, at least I got a better score than I do when we go bowling for real.

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